FC Bayern Munich Stars have to use a Gigaset instead of the iPhone

Former Siemens business unit Gigaset has announced to enter the smartphone market ahead of the IFA 2015.

Gigaset has just reorganized to get new cash for its foray into smartphones. The company has sold the Gigaset trademark to its main shareholder, the Goldin group for $30 million. The Goldin Group is owned by Hong Kong billionaire Mr. Pan Sutong for about $30 million.

The Gigaset brand is still associated with fixed line telephones with wireless handsets. The fixed line market is though shrinking. The obvious way out is to expand into smartphones. 

This is though a crowded market. Can the German company grab a foothold with the Gigaset ME Pro (549 Euro), Gigaset ME (469 Euro) and Gigaset ME Pure (349 Euro) ?

The specifications of the top of the line Gigaset ME Pro are comparable with other premium Android smartphones.

Gigaset Me Pro

Features include 5.5-inch FHD screen, Gorilla Glass, 20MP camera, Octa-Core Snapdragon CPU, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, Fingerprint sensor, Dual SIM and stainless steel frame.

To stand out, Gigaset signed a marketing deal with famous German football team FC Bayern Munich. 

Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports that the contract requires FC Bayern players to replace their Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones with a Gigaset.

Being a high paid professional soccer like Thomas Mueller has its downsides.

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