Are Tom and Gisele Getting a Divorce?

Tom Brady might have some good news on the field lately, but his news off the field might not be as great. Tom Brady was at the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation kickoff gala last night, and he was missing something that has fans of the power couple up in arms: his wedding ring. Other reports have stated that Gisele has been seen going into a lawyer’s office, the bank, and even going to see a real estate agent. That sounds like someone who is about to go through a divorce, right?

Well, maybe, or maybe not. 

US Weekly confirmed that Gisele did recently consult with a lawyer about divorce. A source close to the quarterback and the highest paid supermodel in the world said that while there are some problems, they do want to work through them before they try to get a divorce.

As you probably know, Tom has been facing some real issues at work, which has led to some bad behavior. “Tom’s become very nasty and irritable and started acting out on her,” says the source of the pair. It became so bad that the two didn’t celebrate their birthdays together.

According to that same insider, Tom doesn’t seem to be taking it all that seriously. “Tom thinks it’s only a threat,” says the insider. “But this is definitely a rough patch.”

According to another source that is quite close to the couple, the two go through “a rocky point every fall” (when football is back in season) due to Gisele’s “perfectionist” ways and the quarterback’s intense focus on football. “When football season starts, he only thinks about football and the family takes a backseat,” the source says. “Gisele likes everything to be done her way, and on her timeline.”

Still, says the first source, “Things are very tense right now. This could be the end of them.”


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