The Rock on Wrestlemania 32: 5 Things We Want to See

There’s no doubt that Wrestlmania is the biggest event of the year in the WWE Universe. As the top matches are set in the ring and the best of the best fight out for various titles including the WWE Champion, World Heavy Weight Champion, Tag Team Champion and Intercontinental Champion.

This year’s Wrestlemania is scheduled to take place in Dallas in April and the ticket sales and pre-bookings have already gone up as The Rock returned once more to announce that he will be appearing in this year’s Wrestlemania. 

No one knows what role would The Rock be playing or whether he would be fighting or not. People can only speculate what this fan favorite would do when he returns to the ring. For now we could just speculate.

1. Face Undertaker

The best of the best is the match up with the Undertaker. Alhtough Brock Lesnar defeated the Deadman’s winning streak but the match has still got the biggest buzz. Both Undertaker and the Rock are loved by the people, both have a great fan following and their match up will definitely go down as one of the greatest in WWE history.

2. Andre the Giant match

In it’s two brief years, Andre the Giant match has become a meritus event especially because of the trophy the last man standing receives. It will be great to see The Rock fight current contenders for the match and take the Hall of Famer trophy home with the bragging rights.

3. Triple H

Last year, The Rock returned to challenge the Authority which is basically Triple H and the McMann family. There were words exchanged between the two heavyweights but nothing physical went down. As Triple H recently won the World Heavyweight Championship, The Rock might be coming back to take the belt and put Triple H back in his place. The 2002 No Disqualification match between the two never finished so it might be great to see who’s the greatest of them all.

4. Battles of the Billionaires 2

The Rock may also make a more subsided appearance as a referee on the battle of the Billionaires between WWE Chairman and Jones. The match was previously held in Dallas between McMahon and Trump and was refereed by Stone Cold Steve Austin so it would only be natural the Austin’s greatest rival takes to referee the next match. 

5. Supporting Reigns

Talking about subsided role, The Rock might only be returning to support Roman Reign in his Wrestlemania match. The Rock has already endorsed Reigns before the Royal Rumble before Reigns snubbed the WWE World Heavyweight title from Sheamus. Reigns is preparing to win once more and The Rock might be standing on his side of the ring. 

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