Ronda Rousey Talks About SI Swimsuit Cover, Roadhouse Role with Jimmy Fallon

The Bantamweight Champion from 2012 to 2015, Ronda Rousey is getting back up the high horse. The 29 years old mixed martial artist and joduka lost her title to Holly Holm last year.

It was a tough time for her. She told Ellen DeGeneres that she had even contemplated suicide after her loss. She moved on from that phase and after doing some thinking, she decided to get back on her feet. 

That is all she talked about in her interview with Jimmy Fallon on December 16th. Jimmy talked to Ronda about her date at the Marine Ball which she had agreed to attend with a Marine who had asked her out as her date in a You Tube video.

That was before the fight but Ronda, keeping her word went to the ball with him. According to her, it was fun and it was the first time she smiled in days. She then narrated their trip to Hooters post-Ball and how she got in an argument with a waitress bad mouthing herself.

The waitress defended Ronda and even gave her free wings when she found out that it was actually Ronda. Everyone enjoyed the story thoroughly and when Jimmy asked whether she will have a rematch with Holly Holm, she said yes.

She then told Jimmy that she had agreed to shoot Roadhouse before the fight. Her word meant something so she will shoot the movie first and then train for the rematch. 

Roadhouse was enough to get Jimmy excited. He asked her if she was doing Patrick Swayze’s role and she assented that she was. Ronda said that she “was the Swayze”.

She further explained that it was impossible to do it as good as Swayze so the whole thing had to be reformed to play the role efficiently. Moreover, Ronda also shot for the cover of Sports Illustrated pre-match and her cover just came out recently.

While talking to Jimmy about the cover, she said that she had been butt naked in the shoot. She told him that the swimsuit was actually a painted on piece by Joan Gere, a world famous artist who specializes in body painting.

Ronda said that she had to be up for 14 hours for two days, barely catching any sleep. So she was tired and examining another shot, she said that was as comfortable as you could get on a rock.

Even with that, Ronda looked great and we know that we will be seeing a lot more of her in her Sports Illustrated cover, Roadhouse and her re-match with Holly Holm. 

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