Ray Rice Promises to Donate to Domestic Violence

ARLINGTON, TX – AUGUST 16: Ray Rice #27 of the Baltimore Ravens sits on the bench against the Dallas Cowboys in the first half of their preseason game at AT&T Stadium on August 16, 2014 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Ray Rice’s NFL playing career is over. Of course, nothing has been set in stone and fans of the Former Ravens running back continue to speculate about his return. However, no one who’s looking at the NFL betting lines realistically expects Ray Rice’s playing career to experience a resurgence.

However, in the event that he does receive his second chance and makes a comeback to the NFL, Rice has promised to direct his game checks towards domestic violence, not only highlighting the issue but funding solutions.

Ray Rice was speaking to USA Today on Wednesday when he began speculating about the possibility of another team actually signing him. He confirmed his determination to donate the money from his 2016 games to institutions that emphasized education on the issue this along with preventing domestic violence and giving aid to families that had been decimated by the scourge. 

Ray Rice’s troubles began in 2014. A video surfaced showing Rice attacking his wife in an elevator in a New Jersey Casino; Rice was cut by the Ravens in 2014 as a result and hasn’t played an NFL game since 2013.

Rice has adamantly defended his statements, denying suggestions that he is attempting to bury the scandal that tarnished his reputation. Claiming that his decision to donate his salary came from a pure place in his heart, Rice also added that he wanted an opportunity to correct his legacy, to end things the right way for his children as well as everyone that believes in him.

He explained that he understood how prevalent the issue of domestic violence was and that every dollar he gave was bound to improve the situation. People need homes, shelters to which they can flee during trying times.

Rice has donated a lot of money to charities over the years and he believes that, by returning to the field, he might have the means to affect change on a national scale. Rice continues to deny suggestions that every action he has taken so far has been designed to improve his chances of returning to the field. 

His decision to donate so much money is driven by the need he believes continues to persist around him. He wants to finish the right way and, hopefully, help as many people as possible along the way. 

Rice’s prospects are quite dire indeed. The 29-year-old hasn’t received so much as a tryout from an NFL team. He might be eligible to play, no longer bound by an NFL-Levied suspension, but no one seems willing to give him the chance he thinks he deserves.

Rice is keeping in shape, though, with the hope that an opportunity might emerge in the near future. 

Rice is also in contact with his fellow athletes. Janay, his wife, is pregnant with their second child. Rice believes that he deserves all the scrutiny he has received. He doesn’t downplay the seriousness of his actions.

Various league officials have vouched for Rice’s character, supporting his bid to receive another chance. For Rice, the NFL isn’t the obstacle keeping him out of the game but rather the public backlash every team fears might arise if he were allowed back on the field. 

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