Pokemon Go Good for Fitness

SOKCHO, SOUTH KOREA – JULY 15: (SOUTH KOREA OUT) South Korean children play Pokemon Go on July 15, 2016 in Sokcho, South Korea. South Korea is not one of the initial Pokemon Go released countries, nor is the game likely to be released officially any time soon as the South Korean government does not allow Google to use its map; however, South Korean game enthusiasts are now visiting a handful of loophole areas in the north eastern side of the country near the border of North Korea to join the global frenzy of Pokemon Go. (Photo by Jean Chung/Getty Images)

Over 100 million people world-wide are now enjoying a healthier life-style thanks to Pokemon Go. Medical experts say that Pokemon Go is a great way to stay fit, because it is motivation people the right way. “Most health apps that promote physical activity tend to get users who want to be healthy. Pokémon Go isn’t marketed as a health app,” says Margaret McCartney, general practitioner in a post on BMJ, via I4U News.
Everyone, from children to adults seem to be swept up with the activity of finding Pokemon’s, joking about how they have popped out of their washing machines, have been hiding in their local parks and gardens, and even joining them on their family holidays, reports Fashion-Mommy in a recent post about the Pokemon Go phenomenon.

Niantic has launched Pokemon Go on July 6. It has been a wild ride with server outages, delays, unauthorized 3rd party Pokemon Go tools and bugs. A month after launch things seem have to settled. The app reportedly made $200 million in revenues in the first month. It will be interesting to see if Niantic is able to keep up the hype around Pokemon Go. The first early adopters are already getting bored.

The game will need to change to stay interesting, or the whole health benefits aspect will be short lived.

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