The Oakland Raiders Had Announced Their Arrival In the Dominant Fashion

OAKLAND, CA – NOVEMBER 06: Derek Carr #4 of the Oakland Raiders and Latavius Murray #28 celebrate after a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Denver Broncos at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on November 6, 2016 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

During the previous weeks, many people thought that Oakland Raiders was among the weakest teams others could face in the league when compared to the 6-2 teams. In addition, many thought that they were going to face NFL with a buzzing given the fact that they had tremendous actions during their time. It was going to be something fun especially when playing the cup championship. Now you can get updated Super Bowl betting lines when watching your favorite team on the league.

For many people, they can safely talk about it by saying about many events. For instance, the Raiders team, which had a playoff caliber at the same time had potential of even doing more.

No one knew that Denver was offensive in their way of play after facing the several defense of the elite units within the NFL. When playing the game, the teams has been showing their prowess especially when dealing the team structure of other opponents.

After missing a couple of important corners that no doubt helped them to win the game by no means where the game was going to be won on. The Raiders didn’t win through air, they just won by beating up Broncos in the plain, trenches, and simple.

Oakland ran went for a run over 200 yards to end zone 3 times right on the ground. In addition, the thing was that they watching it as it looked more dominant when compared to the stats that would imply. The Oakland’s vaunted an offensive line that was on opening gaping holes thus giving their backs every given opportunity to eat. And they did it through the process.

But it doesn’t stop there either. Many knew that they were having idea that was going to make them be among the top teams especially when dealing with the good efforts from these three units: the defense, the offense, and special teams. Every team had its strategy especially when they wanted to be the best when playing the game.

The defense had forced two turnovers, thus keeping pressure on the Denver that would be needed thus making them be able to win. No, they weren’t dominant but they were far, far, and far better compared to their ability as they do what best will work for them.

And then there’s special teams where the Marquette King must be dancing he wants. This has made the teams to train well especially when they need to counter the efforts of their counterparts to gain more freedom. For instance, Sebastian Janikowski needed to refrain from any kind of dance after missing a field goal. Raiders was on top in their field position game at the same time really making things difficult when they are in the pitch.

This was another dominant win in the 3 game phases that made them to win it big especially when dealing with the situations. Denver is still among the best teams in the whole of NFL with the Raiders beating them up, it was something that fun enjoy by the fans who wanted something best and entertaining in the NFL game this season.

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